Elisha & Cam July 3, 2015

Elisha and Cam exchanged wedding vows on Friday July 3, 2015.  You would hate these guys for being so good looking if only they weren’t so nice. A truly joyful event.

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Foggy Night

We don’t often get foggy conditions in Kelowna. This past December, we did, and I took the chance to go out and shoot some night images in the mist. I love the lonely quality that the fog gives to scenes.


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Elisha & Cam Engaged

Elisha and Cam are set to exchange wedding vows this summer. We were lucky to get to do some engagement photos last summer while they were visiting Kelowna. We are friends with Elishas’s parents and have known her since she was little.  She has grown into a confident, beautiful young woman and she and Cam seem like a great couple. Looking forward to their big day.



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Baby Asia

What a lucky girl. 3 week old Asia is born to parents who adore and cherish her. We feel privileged to get an all access pass to our clients intimate inner circles.

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Tire Swing

I love the colour that willow trees turn in springtime.  That vibrant green is one of the first signs of the end of winter.  I found this spot on a back road in Summerland. To me, it conjures up images of hot lazy afternoons in the summer.

tire swing

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BX Falls

I had heard about BX falls in Vernon from a few people. I decided to go check it out. It turns out to be this cool hidden gem.  I have wanted to try a long exposure of water moving for a while.  I love the way the rocks that jut out of the water seem so sharp against the soft blur of the water.

Flowing Water_Blog

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Olivia at home

We recently photographed Olivia at her home with some of her favorite people.  It is fun to see little people when they are completely in their element. I love that kids are free to express whatever emotion they feel in the moment. As adults, we sometimes forget that it is okay to be vulnerable.


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Julia & Mira

There is a special bond between sisters. They just seem to be in touch on a deeper level. Julia & Mira are good friends who also happen to be sisters.


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Mardi & Dave’s Family

These are too good not to show more.  Mardi & Dave’s girls held a clinic on how to be adorable in front of the camera. Enough said.


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Karla & Blair’s Family

We feel fortunate to be able to work with some of our clients many times over the years. We really feel like family photographers for Karla and Blair.  We met them when they were planning their wedding. We started out doing engagement photos for them, then their beautiful wedding. Eventually they moved to Kelowna started a family. We have been privileged to capture their children at different stages. This last shoot was done in October and the lovely fall colours are complimented so beautifully by the artful job of coordinating clothes by Karla.  Their family stands as an example of good parenting.


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